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Jun 17, 2020

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On this episode: we give warnings for Asheville, North Carolina regarding a strange band roaming around bars and music venues. We address multiple questions from listeners. In the Today In Odd America segment, you'll learn the dark origins of a holiday found only in one small, old town in Connecticut. And we'll take a call from two podcasters searching for something terrifying in the Ozarks.

Kristin Holland as Dr. Malcolm Ryder

Jonathan Williams as Sam

Alan Mandel as Eddie

To hear more of Kristin's work check out Nocturnal Transmissions - his short horror story podcast.

To hear more of Jon and Alan's work be sure to check out their audiodrama Red Valley. As mentioned in the end credits, it's one of the best audio dramas of 2020 - writing, directing, sound design - it's an amazing production all around. The full first season is currently available for download. 

Written & produced by Jac Rhys

Show artwork by Trevin Wyant

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